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About Us

Q. Where did the name Bloody Mary come from

A. Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry the VIII, was a devout Catholic at the time her father was disavowing the Pope and forming the Anglican Church. She had many “Protestants” executed, thus the moniker, “Bloody Mary.”

Q. When did the Bloody Mary drink come to the United States?

A. Most stories credit Peter Petoit, who was working at Harry’s New York bar in Paris, with mixing it. When he returned to New York City, in the mid 1930’s, he introduced the “Red Snapper” as the first Bloody Mary in America. It was made with Gin, since Vodka was just being introduced as a new spirit to America

Q. Why is Bloodys by Buz™ bottled in a wine bottle?

A. The wine bottle represents the elegance of the Bloodys by Buz™ flavor and how the experience of the palate is similar to that of the finest of fine wines. That’s our goal. You tell us if we achieved it.

Q. Why isn’t Bloodys by Buz™ bright red?

A. We did not want to use artificial coloring. Our unique combination of ingredients gives Bloodys by Buz™ its unique color.

Q. Who is Buz?

A. Founder and creator William R. (Buz) Rollins Jr.

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