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Bloodys by Buz

BBB is pleased to announce the winners of the recipe contest.

First Place: Candace McMenamin, Lexington, SC, for her "Buzzing Tortellini Soup"

Runner Up: Diane Halferty, Corpus Christi, TX, for her "BBBuz Cajun Crawfish & Crabmeat Pasta"

Third: Janet Reis, Bristol, TN, for her "BBB Zinging Salsa"

Fourth: Jan Sohn, Atlanta, GA, for her "Bloody Gazpacho Mold"

Fifth: Tie between Cheryl Perry, Elizabeth City, NC for her "Bloody Good Roasted Tomato Pudding" andůJackie Horridge, Nashville, TN, for her "BBB Crab Gazpacho Aspic"

Special Award for youngest participant goes to Caroline Gottleib, Sandy Hook, CT, for her "Bloody Good Hamburgers"


Have you discovered any unique uses for our mix? Or, do you have any tasty recipes to submit? Let us know! With your permission, we may even post them on our site.

1.) Buz's Bloody Good Cocktail Sauce

Ingredients: Amounts:
Bloodys by Buz™ Original Bloody Mary Mix 16 fl oz
Prepared Horseradish net wt 8 oz
Tomato Paste net wt 6 oz
Splenda® 1/4 cup

Mix vigorously, chill, stand for 4 hours, serve with shrimp, prawn, crackers or other cold shellfish.

2.) Buz's Bloody Good Chilled Spicy Cream Soup

Ingredients: Amounts:
Bloodys by Buz™ Original Bloody Mary Mix 16 fl oz
Cream (any type or substitute) 16 fl oz
One whole Cucumber, peeled and seeded  
Sugar or Splenda® 1 tbsp (or to taste)

Blendámix and cucumber,ástir in cream, add up to 1 tbsp of Splenda® or sugar to taste; chill; Garnish with dill or orange zest. Serves 4-6

3.) Buz's Bloody Good Crock Pot Chile
Ingredients: Amounts:
Bloodys by Buz™ Original Bloody Mary Mix 8 fl oz
Ground Beef (lean) 1 lb
Frozen Pepper/Onion mix 1 lb
Tomato Sauce One can 15 oz net wt
Your favorite beans (Pinto, Great Northern, Kidney) Two cans 15.5 oz net wt
Season with Garlic Powder/Chile powder to taste  

Put all ingredients in Crock Pot. Cook 4-8 hours. Stir and taste hourly. Enjoy!! Serves 4-6

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Buz's Bloody Good Recipe Ideas

Tossing your shrimp off the grill in a half cup of BBB
Sustituting BBB for tomato sauce in your meatloaf
BBB as a marinade for fish or any meat, and try using it as a grilling sauce as well (paint your fish or meat as it grills)
BBB as a base for gazpacho soup
Drizzling BBB over oysters on the half shell (or as an oyster shooter)
Adding a few ounces of BBB to your potato or pasta salad
Heating BBB and using as a pasta sauce
Adding BBB to your soup stock
BBB over your green salad or vegetables
Adding to your stuffing mix

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